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Thanks for the tip, Julie. And Mary, thanks for your comments. I was told what 
you said about the size of 
fonts and never make anything larger than 36, which is what I think someone 
told me was the largest 
their screen reader could take.

Well, from most of the posts in today?s digest the cursive fonts do cause 
problems, so I?ll stop trying to 
match the titles and, in the case of the book I?m doing now, the section 
titles. I have used it in books 
before, and chances are that I don?t still have the files, as once the books 
are in the collection I delete 
my files. And unfortunately I don?t remember which books I used the flowery 
cursive in ? I suspect it was 
Bertrice Small?s historical romances, in which case it was section titles ? not 
important. But I think there 
was another book, maybe Stephen King?s Misery, where I used more of it to try 
to duplicate what was in 
the book.

If anyone downloads a book that seems to have cursive that needs to be changed, 
please let me know. 
I?ll get the book and send you the right paragraphs or pages in a different, 
readable font. I?m sure there 
won?t be much.


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