[bksvol-discuss] Re: currupt file??

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Not sure what's happening, and I'd need more info to make an educated guess.
How did you download the book, directly from the website, or did you try to
go through something like K-1000?  Are you using the unpack tool to extract
the files, then reading the HTML file, or are you trying to read it using
something like K-1000?  If you're reading the HTML which is unpacked using
the unpack tool, then what are you using to read that file, Internet
Explorer?  Without this type of info, it's hard to say, but if I took a wild
guess, I'd say you are looking at some of the HTML or XML language from the
beginning of the file which happens to contain a message about an issue with
page numbering.  If that's what it is, then the error probably isn't with
the file or Bookshare, but the software you're suing to read the file.

BTW, I just redownloaded the book, and my new copy is fine.

I'd be glad to help you troubleshoot your problem, but I'll need more info
including the following:

the name of your operating system and its version number
the names of any accessibility software and the versions you are running
(i.e. JAWS, Magic, etc.)
the name of the software which you are using to read the file and its
version number
which file you are attempting to read BKS, XML, HTML
what software you used to unpack the book if applicable


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    Hi Gerald,  I went in and tried to down load arrows of the queen and got
the following.  Can you interpertt this? This has not happened with any
other file.Tom

End tag 'paThis' does not match the start tag 'pagenum'.

At 127:44
<pagenum id="page_000001" page='normal'>1</paThis material was downloaded by
Thomas Hawkins (tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxx

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