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Hi Peter!

Since you are answering other questions on here will  you answer mine
please?  Will there be somewhere on the internet or some articles somewhere
that those of us who cannot go to csun can read to find out what's

Sue S.
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  The phone number for the LAX Marriot is 310-641-5700.
    There is not all that much within walking distance, but a decent number
of choices in the hotel itself.  The main cafe has a vaguely Asian theme, so
there are quite a few rice based dishes.  Many vegetarian as I recall.
    Marina del Rey is ten minutes away by cab and it has loads of
restaurants.  Otherwise, it is the city of Los Angeles and there are very
few limitations on what you can do and eat.

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> Does anyone know the direct number for the Mariat for Cson?  Does anyone
> know places nearby where one might eat other than the hotels where can get
> salads and vegetables and sandwishes?  I believe ther is one on the corner
> near hotel but forget exact name.  I plan to be there and want inexpensive
> ways of getting meals.  I plan to get a regrigerator and want  to know
> where to buy yogurt fruit and salad veggies.  Thanks.
> E.

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