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Ah, it's a shame that you can't make it, Peter.  I know Gustavo really
enjoyed leading you through the safe paths.  The pool-side chairs and your
shins had bit of a mutual attraction thing going on.
It appears that I'll make it once again.  I'll be there starting Tuesday the
21 and returning on Sunday.  As usual, the conference is being held at the
Los Angeles Airport Marriot and Hilton Los Angeles Airport.  Definitely
would love to meet up with quite a few of you.  As to some others, I'm
Pratik Patel
Director, CUNY Assistive technology Services (CATS)
The City University of New York

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tom hawkins <tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

    Hi, Ok Someone please tell me what the N stands for.  I know it's Cal
State Univ. , but where?  Tom 


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