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  • Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 21:58:30 -0800 (PST)

Northridge is in the San Fernando Valley, part of
greater Los Angeles. If you remember the last LA *big*
earthquake of January--Martin Luther King's
birthday--in 1994, that was in Northridge--and caused
many buildings in Santa Monica to crack and be
condemned, as well as buildings in the valley and some
on the CSUN camapus.

But the conference isn't held there--or at least it
hasn't been in the past. It's held in hotels near LAX
(the airport), so it's convenient for people coming
in--and much more convenient for me.

SO so far we have Scott, Carrie and me--and Janice.
Gustavo? Pratik? Guido? Others of you here on the
list? Bud, you live not too far--can you come? I'd
love to meet some of you and am really sorry, Peter,
not to get the chance to meet you.

I agree with Scott--let's set a time and place. 


> Northridge.
> tom hawkins <tjhawk1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:            
>  Hi, Ok Someone please tell me what the N stands
> for.  I know it's Cal State Univ. , but where?  Tom 
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