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Hi all,

Though my eye sight is quite limited, let me assure everyone that Marissa's
descriptions are not, in fact, quite completely accurate...  :-)

 Some of us are posting here instead of catching up with our work because
we're still excited about the conference and the associated community
building that went on there.  :-)

Plus, well, I just got some very sad news this morning about the loss of
Jonathan Mosen's The Wave, and, well, I could really use some moral support
or something right about now.  I actually shed tears over this!  Let's just
say that Jonathan's broadcasting gigs most definitely are not just about the
talk and the technology...  Like some of my other blind friends, Jonathan
has been an indirect but critical inspiration to me during some difficult
times in my life.

OK, well, now I am really straying off topic.  Sorry.  Anyone else want to
commiserate with me about the loss of The Wave or, more importantly, the
fact that Jonathan now seems not to have any current broadcast presence at
all?  Please do write me off list.


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Hi Sue,

Some folks are busy posting to the volunteer list, others are trying to
catch up on their work. I guess I fall into the latter category.

To answer your request for descriptions:
Peter is small and green, and is usually wearing a tuxedo.
Gustavo is a deep, rich purple and wears clothes borrowed from the Iron
And I'm the resident biker chick. I don't leave the house without my leather
and boots.


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Hey Marissa,

Some of us are curious to know what each of the Bookshare staff looks like,
so would you give us descriptions?  And don't leave yourself out.  It is so
we can put a description with each of you when we get e-mails.  We are
serious about this one.

On the lighter side we have been hearing about you from various people, but
as yet we haven't heard a peep out of you.  <smile>


Sue S.

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