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  • From: "Sarah Van Oosterwijck" <curiousentity@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 17:34:25 -0600

First, to make Gustavo's job easier, and to cut down on kicked back validations it would be good to copy all relevant copyright information directly from the book in to the comments field of the form. There is a much greater chance that it will go through without comment or complaint if you copy that line that is in most books. Copyright (copyright symbol) "year" by "name of copyright holder" all rights reserved. Usually followed by the prohebition against copying the book in any form. He probably doesn't need to see that, though. It's basically the same in all books.

Of course this doesn't address very strange copyright notices in books, or even if the bookshare system for checking copyrights is a reasonable one. I'm not going to comment on that.

There should be very few cases where a sighted person could check copyright better. It is knowledge that is needed in most cases not vision. The only cases in which a sighted person is of any use would be when the copyright holders name appears to be garbled in the scan. Of course the sighted person would then need to have a copy of the book that was scanned, or possibly access to Amazon's look inside the book feature. Most of the time books aren't available that way, though.
Looking on a sight other than the copyright office, which I am well aware doesn't have some material, is usually quite pointless and likely to do more harm than good. This is because book sites other than bookshare don't care who is the copyright holder. Since they are selling the book, which contains the notice not giving access to the book, they just say the copyright year and the publishers name. That information is provided to identify the book to possible buyers not for the purposes of copyright protection.

By the way, although a feature to give people bookshare subscription memberships sounds like a good one, I fail to see how it would help bookshare have more money. I think it would only be another programming project they don't have the resources for now. As everyone knows there are plenty of issues that still need work.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
Assistive Technology Trainer

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