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    Maybe you'll be more successful than I've been. I had two books
rejected, because as I understand it, Bookshare couldn't verify their
existence. During the two or three weeks prior to the conventions, I
e-mailed Gustavo three times, and even called Bookshare and left a message.
I was trying to find out if mailing the books to Bookshare would help, but
never could get an answer.

    I'm glad the subject of copyrights and guidelines has come up on this
list, because maybe we can get some answers next week. As I explained to
Gustavo, I scanned these books for my own use, and would not have gone to
the trouble of cleaning them up, had I known Bookshare would not accept
them. I did mention to him that more specific guidelines would be very
helpful, so we don't bother submitting books that will simply be rejected.

    I know Bookshare staff are very busy, especially with Marissa gone, but
it seems to me that the question of what material is acceptable deserves
priority. I really hope we can all get some clarification soon.


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> Hi Tracy,
> When Gustavo gets back I'm going to write him a very clear and concise
> e-mail explaining that these boomerang books are lowering morale around
> and requesting some guidelines about what triggers his suspicions of
> inaccuracy and what we as validators can do to allay them, short of
> copyright lawyers. <grin>
> Kellie

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