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Sorry--I see from Valeri's note  that it was the ALA convention, not the 
bookshare convention; probably the ALA convention has more publishes atend than 
the bookshare conventions. Waiat till next year smile

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>Hi, Alisa!
>And just to clarify we had Scott and Robin's blessing when we were at ALA to 
>demonstrate Nichole on Bookshare and collect cards to forward. We gave each 
>interested person the website address and told them about the publisher 
>liaison link in absence of having her business cards since she was not 
>accessible while we were at ALA.  It is my hope in the future Bookshare will 
>send a team to ALA (next year is in CA, I think); one to man a booth and 
>perhaps Robin to mill around and make introductions.  I don't know if it 
>entered into the equation last year, but I believe Bookshare had staff 
>elsewhere during ALA.
> Valerie
>Keep up with Nichole's recovery:
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>>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] communication with publishers
>>Hi all,
>>Just a gentle reminder our policy regarding Bookshare volunteers 
>>communicating directly with publishers.  We strongly discourage you from 
>>communicating with publishers as a representative of Bookshare.  Oftentimes, 
>>there are relationships and communications that we on the “ground floor” are 
>>unaware of, and this can create unanticipated conflicts for Bookshare’s 
>>publisher relationships.
>>If you feel we should be connecting with certain publishers or want us to 
>>pursue specific relationships, please just let Robin Seaman know, and she 
>>will follow up, as appropriate (robins@xxxxxxxxxxxx).
>>Thanks very much, everyone!  Let me know if you have any questions.    
>>Kind regards,
>>Alisa K. Moore
>>Volunteer Program Manager

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