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Hi, Alisa!

And just to clarify we had Scott and Robin's blessing when we were at ALA to 
demonstrate Nichole on Bookshare and collect cards to forward. We gave each 
interested person the website address and told them about the publisher liaison 
link in absence of having her business cards since she was not accessible while 
we were at ALA.  It is my hope in the future Bookshare will send a team to ALA 
(next year is in CA, I think); one to man a booth and perhaps Robin to mill 
around and make introductions.  I don't know if it entered into the equation 
last year, but I believe Bookshare had staff elsewhere during ALA.

Keep up with Nichole's recovery:

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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] communication with publishers
>Hi all,
>Just a gentle reminder our policy regarding Bookshare volunteers communicating 
>directly with publishers.  We strongly discourage you from communicating with 
>publishers as a representative of Bookshare.  Oftentimes, there are 
>relationships and communications that we on the “ground floor” are unaware of, 
>and this can create unanticipated conflicts for Bookshare’s publisher 
>If you feel we should be connecting with certain publishers or want us to 
>specific relationships, please just let Robin Seaman know, and she will follow 
>up, as appropriate (robins@xxxxxxxxxxxx).
>Thanks very much, everyone!  Let me know if you have any questions.    
>Kind regards,
>Alisa K. Moore
>Volunteer Program Manager

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