[bksvol-discuss] comments about a submision

  • From: "Linda Stover" <liamskitten@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 10:11:06 -0600

Hello everyone,

About a week ago, I submitted Distant Shores Silent Thunder by
Radclyffe.  I was unfamiliar with the bookshare submitting process,
and my screen reader definitely wasn't functioning at its best that
day.  Consequently, I overlooked the comments field; presumably, this
field allows you to comment on elements the validator might want to be
aware of.  I'll definitely be mindful of that field in future, meaning
I shouldn't have to use a general list post like this, although I have
seen a number of people post comments about submisions to the general
list, making me hope I'm not too far out of line with this.

The adult rating mystifies me; though by what I've seen of the
archives of this list, it mystifies a number of others.  When the word
adult pops in to my mind, I'm thinking some sort of X-rated
novel/movie, something like Ann Rice's The Adventures Of Beauty (While
I haven't read this and have no intention of doing so, some
independent research on the ratings of books brought this up as a good
example of an X-rated book, though I have no idea whether the example
is valid)  For things other than erotica, the boundary seems extremely
grey.  The Radclyffe novel did have sex, though no more explicit than
that described in a Nora Robert's novel.  I have seen several of these
on bookshare, without an adult rating.  A second oppinion by a
validator as to what the rating of this book should be would be
helpful, though, if I understand the bookshare automated spellchecker
policy aright, that may not be necessary.  I simply wanted to throw
this out there, since the boundaries between adult/non adult content
seem so grey.  Thanks very much.
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