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  • From: Anastasia Saridakis <anamatia81@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:13:52 -0800 (PST)

Hi Liz
Way to go!
I think it is very important to have this topic on the site.
If you would like soe help with the editing let me know. I am used to having 
the original text to refer back to but i could try it without it. Let me know 
if there are other ways I can help.
again nice job.

liz halperin <lizzersagain@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: I have a list of almost 30 books 
about transgender issues that I am slowly
working my way through. These include books  about crossdressers,
transsexuals, intersexed people, etc. There were a few books in the
Bookshare collection, but I thought with almost 6,000 members (this even
before the new college program), that statistically there must be readers
out there who could benefit by this information. I am anyway, just for the
learning. I am scanning them very carefully, assuming some members will want
the information for personal reasons, and others as reference or textbooks
in gender studies classes.  I think I already have about 6 or 8  in, 2 in
Step 1, and one more here scanned and ready to read/edit. Another handful
here waiting for scanning.  Between these books I am throwing in other odds
and ends I hear about and get from the library, or books from family
members' libraries. Just thought I'd give y'all a general idea why I'm
suddenly doing all these transgender books. It's a personal project to
develop a solid sub-genre. All of the books have been recommended by "the
people themselves" from the Q Center (The Queer Center) here in Portland,
OR. Some I will add personal reviews to after they are on site. And I still
have "Harrius Potter et Camera Secretorium" here in Latin to scan, some
Judith Viorst poetry that's not in BS yet, Peg Bracken, other goodies I
grabbed from my mom's shelves. 

Liz in Portland

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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