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Wow!  What a collection!  I heard Arthur Rubenstein play in his later years, 
and would love to see A  Conversation Onn Music.

Sue S.

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Hi gang,

This is a list of the 37 classical music books that are in the office.  I'll 
start processing them after I finish the bestsellers.  Anyone got a 
preference as to which ones they want to see first?


A Conversation on Music by Artur Rubenstein
A Manual of Counterpoint by David D. Boyden
At the Piano with Faure by Marguerite Long
Beethoven by Maynard Solomon
Beethoven or Bust by David Hurwitz
Composers of Music by Sam Morgenstern
Concert Piano Repertoire by Albert Faurot
Dvorak in Love by Josef Skvorecky
Facing the Music by Heni Temianka
Glenn Gould, Music & Mind by Geoffrey Payzant
Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves by Elyse Mach
Great Pianists Speak For Themselves by Elyse Mach
Horowitz by Glenn Plaskin
In Quest of Music by Irving Kolodin
Jacqueline du Pre by Carol Easton
Liszt by Sacheverell Sitwell
Liszt, The Artist as Romantic Hero by Eleanor Perenyi
Men, Women, and Pianos by Arthur Loesser
Men of Music by Wallace Brockway, Herbert Weinstock
Music after Modernism by Samuel Lipman
Paganini by Leslie Sheppard and Herbert R. Alexrod
Passion for the Piano by Judith Oringer
Pianist's Progress by Helen Drees Ruttencutter
Piano Playing with Piano Questions Answered by Josef Hoffman
Reflections from the Keyboard by David Dubal
Speaking of Pianists by Abram Chasins
Tchaikovsky in America by Elkhonon Yoffe
Team Piano Repertoire by Frederic Ming Chang, Albert Faurot
The Accompanist and Friends: An Autobiography by Andre Benoist
The Concerto by Abraham Veinus
The Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music by Willi Apel & Ralph T. Daniel
The Interpretation of Music by Thurston Dart
The Music of Liszt by Humphrey Searle
The Performing Artist's Handbook by Janice Papolos
The New Grove - Handel by Winton Dean
The New Grove - Haydn by Jens Peter Larsen
Your Child and the Piano by Margaret Grant

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