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I LOVED Trixie Beldon! Anyone doing the old Sue Barton, student nurse (and
on up) series? Loved those too. The Jewish "All-of-a Kind Family" is in,
this is a series of chapter books. I know they're there because I put them
there! Smile. They were my childhood "My brother and I are the only Jews in
my neighborhood" saving grace.

I think I got *most* of Jean Little's (blind Canadian author, award winner)
books in, all chapter books including two about German immigrants with a
blind daughter. Later found her 2 volume autobiography which is how I found
out she was blind herself!

Liz in Portland

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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I'm submitting the Trixie Belden books as they are re-released. Have 1-11 on
the site and 12-15 here either scanned or awaiting scanning. I love Trixie!
I'll commit to doing all of the Trixie Belden books so no one else has to
worry about them. They're fabulous!
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