[bksvol-discuss] Re: checking out books starting with btc

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 05:43:34 -0700

Hi Sherry,

You are probably doing nothing wrong. Sometimes there is a lag between 
submitting books at our end and seeing them registered on the server. I suspect 
if you check again you will see some. (Be sure to sort by title so they all 
group together.) Sometimes, more often lately, there has been more proofreading 
and fewer scanners so less books to choose from. Tomorrow we test a new tool 
that promises to make it easier to speed up the process of adding books that 
are scanned in-house at Bookshare.

By the way, the prefix "BTC" is our in-house code for books that have been run 
through our new batch file pre-conversion process in order to standardize what 
you find on the Checkout List by eliminating some common "scannos."

Scott Rains
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I got my letter approving me as a proofreader.  It included instructions that 
stated to only check out books starting with btc.  There don't seem to be any 
in the list of books to be cheked out.  Am I doing something wrong, or just 
being impatient again?

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