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fair enough.
Chela Robles
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  Hi everyone. I can come to a chat tonight, at least for awhile. I'd like to 
suggest that we try meeting a little earlier than Chela has suggested though. 
It can be a little rough on people from the east coast and midwest when a chat 
doesn't start until 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central. It's not intentional, I know. 
It can exclude people who have to go to school or work the next day since many 
people need to be in bed by 11 or so. They'd have just enough time to say hi 
and get started when it would be time to leave. 

  Maybe we could start things at 9 PM Eastern so it's not so late for people on 
the east coast . That translates to 6 PM Pacific, 7 Mountain, and 8 Central. 
Then some of the east coasters will have time to participate and can leave as 
it gets late, while our west coast friends can participate as they like 
throughout the evening. 

  What do you all think? Would that work?

  Monica Willyard
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