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No, it's not a stupid question, and yes that's what the stripper is intended for.
Unfortunately, sometimes it works better than others, and sometimes it gets a bit over zealous.


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Ok, this is probably a really stupif question, and one that I think I know the answer to, but I want to clarify. When the stripper strips the page headers, is it trying to get rid of the title and author names that are found on the top of each page? I ask this because, if that is the case, I don't think it always does what it is meant to. I have downloaded countless books that still contain the title and author at the start of each page.

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Folks, there is a better way than removing blank lines below/above chapter headings. Split the Chapter heading on two lines, and leave a couple or three lines blank above the headings.

Chapter 1 --
In the very Beginnings.

In the beginnings lived Aloysius of Appenzell, the great and fair-minded sage.

This splitting will likely defeat the overzealous header stripping logic. However, it is high time that Bookshare developer fix the stripper and make it a little more intelligent. Kurzweil 9 can distinguish between chapter headers and page headers, so should Bookshare.

Perhaps Marissa can urge developers to fix the problem.


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Please respond to

[bksvol-discuss] Re: chapter headings

Thanks for the responses. It's just a shame that so many books in the
collection have fallen victim to this. Here again, a matter of
experience I guess. Anyway think I'll try your method Shelley, of not
leaving any blank lines above or below the chapter headings for the
books I have yet to clean up and submit, and we'll see what happens.


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