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Yes Cindy,  page numbers are stripped by the automated tool. Nevertheless, 
 we should ensure that we preserve them in our submissions and approved 
copies,  because they are preserved in an archival copy of our 
submissions,  and may be utilized in future enhancements of the bookshare 
Furthermore,  if submitting/scanning volunteers nuke those page numbers, 
they will make it impossible for reviewers to perform book integrity 

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[bksvol-discuss] chapter headings

Perhaps putting chapter headings down several line
spaces rather than just a couple would preserve them.

We were told at one point that the automated stripper
would only delete the lines that kept being the same
and that if there were a page number (which we were
told to put at the top of the page, then skip a line
and then put the text) that differed each page then
the headings wouldn't be stripped. If they're being
stripped anyway, are the page numbers being stripped,
too? I agree with the person who said that she
manually deletes, as she validates, the chapter and
book title headings that are on the pages subsequent
to the first page of the chapter.


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