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Thanks, Jake. I'll have to check some of the books that I've submitted recently. I've been putting blank lines before the chapter header, so I'll have to see if that's helped.
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Hi Donna,
It depends on who prepared the book and how it was done. Often times if
the Word Chapter appears as the first line on the page, to the header
stripper it looks just like another running header. To avoid the header
stripper from removing it you can place a "fake" header at the top. To do
this you should put whatever would be there if the page was not the start of
a chapter.

If the book does not have headers, making sure that a blank line DOES NOT
follow the first line on the Chapter page is a workaround. Or you could
place a blank line above the line that has Chapter written on it.

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Hi E.

Well, I think they are to numerous to name. But I can say that I have
books by Luanne Rice, Blue Moond and Dream Country, neither of which have
chapter titles. In addition, I have downloaded the first four Janet
Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels, and none of them have chapter titles. I
recently downloaded a book by Roberta Bondi called A Place to Pray, and it
didn't have any chapter headings. I think this is just the tip of the
iceberg, but these are a few.

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> Please let bookshare know which books specifically suffer from this
> chapter heading removal problem.
> Also, if you can, please post those titles to this list. I would
> personally like to know if I have validated any of them.
> At 09:11 PM 5/26/2005, you wrote:
>>Hi again, all,
>> Well, I imagine that this has already been discussed, but I am >> really
>> wondering what has happened to the chapter titles in bookshare books.
>> All of the books I have downloaded in the last several months have >> been
>> without them. Folks, I know this may seem like a petty detail, but
>> especially for academic or professional work, Bookshare needs to find >> a
>> way to retain them, I think, even if it means leaving those annoying
>> headers in. And even for fiction, I find their absence highly >> annoying,
>> want to see what the sighted reader, who buys the book at B&N is
>> and if that means "chapter 1" or a chapter name, then I want to see it
>> too!  I'm sort of confused, because the chapter headings used to be
>> there.  If I've missed something in the last few months I apologize,
>> I'd appreciate it if anyone could fill me in.
>>Donna from MI

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