[bksvol-discuss] Re: changing section breaks to page breaks?

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Donna Et Al,
Generally, when I scan with FR7Pro, I tend not to edit with another program
such as K1K and I find that the scans are good enough that I can validate my
scans myself.  However, when books are submitted to  the system with others
validating them, there is a possibility that they will be  using a program
such as K1K.  K1K, for one, does not recognize the type of Section breaks
used by MSWord and FR7Pro to designate page breaks.  If my scan were
directly going to go to the system for final approval, then I would have no
problem submitting FR7Pro scans without working with Page Breaks.
Sue,  the various types of sections breaks can be found under the Insert
Menu/Break.  When you enter the dialog, you will be confronted with a set of
Radio Buttons.  Using your arrow keys up and down on this  set of  buttons
will let you know what your choices will be
I hope this helps.  



Pratik Patel
Interim Director
Office of Special Services
Queens College
CUNY Assistive Technology Services
The City University of New York



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Hi Carrie,
I'm not Jill, but can you please explain where section breaks would be???  I
meann, there are different types of section breaks but I am talking about
the ones that replace page breaks.  It might help if we knew where thhey
are.  Are they where we see page numbers in Word, or what??
Sue S.
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Hi Jill,
When I replied to Reggie off-list, I said that the OCR program at the
Bookshare office puts section breaks instead of page breaks in its RTF
files. I always change the section breaks immediately to page breaks
whenever I validate a book, even though Marissa said I needn't do that.
Maybe before we submit books from the office, we should change all the
section breaks to page breaks, but I'm not sure this would help.  It sounds
like Kurzweil ignores both section breaks AND page breaks.  I don't know
that there are any other kinds of breaks that we can insert between pages.
What do you think?  Should we change the section breaks to page breaks
before submitting books, or is there another alternative I'm not thinking of
right now?
What I told Reggie to do was send me the books, and I'd see if the section
breaks were still there.  If they were, I'll change them to page breaks; if
not, I'll get the original books from the office and insert page breaks at
the appropriate places.  Either way, the books will get page breaks, then
I'll send the page-breaked (page-broken?) books back to him.

Jill O'Connell <jillocon@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You're not the only one who is confused about page breaks in spite of the
help others have given. I am currently using Kurzweil to validate and it
doesn't ever even say the word page break. I just assume they are where the
Kurzweil page numbers are spoken but don't know if that's correct. And if a
book number is missing I really have no idea where to type it or whether to
insert a page break. I could really use help on this. Jill

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I have 4 short children's books that were placed on the site last week.
They are validated, but I cannot find any page breaks at all.  Should I
reject them (not my favorite thing to do), accept them as is, or release for
someone else to put page breaks in who can see them? They are RTF and I
placed them on my BN to validate.  Sure hope I did not clear the page
I have contacted Gustavo, but when I saw your name on here, I decided to ask
directly! I am just so, so confused about this page break thing! I don't
have Kurzweil so I am not certain anymore what I should use for validating.



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