[bksvol-discuss] Re: changing section breaks to page breaks?

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I get page breaks in books I download.  Do you mean that when they are
uploaded on Step 2 they have lost their page breaks?  I want to know because
I spend a great deal of time on them.



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You're quite welcome!  Glad that you figured out that there were section
breaks in the file.

I've never seen any breaks in a .txt file, so I tend to avoid those files
these days.  I only download a .txt file if it's a book I really want to


Reggie & Lonnie <regandlon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Oh grand Carrie!!! From the help that one of these fine folks gave me I
was able to determine section breaks were there in Word, so thanks to
whoever clued me in and I'll not worry about breaks as long as there are
section breaks! Guess I didn't need to send the zip file! Will stay away
from TXTs since I am still not sure what drops page breaks and what doesn't.
Thanks for your help Carrie!


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