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I still think it would be better to categorize the collection like Open Library does. Let the users categorize the books they want the way they want. That way anyone could do all the splitting or lumping they wanted to do and if mistakes or vandalism occurred the next user could correct it. The last time I suggested that, though, I was told that it would require revamping the whole site. Well, isn't the whole site revamped now and then anyway?

On 7/7/2015 6:48 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:

Hi all,

I'm no librarian, but if I were to google the LOC numbers for fantasy and for Science Fiction, they would be separate numbers. The same would be true of the Dewey Decimal system. If Bookshare wants to be known as an online library, then it should follow library conventions! We have over 300,000 books now. We aren't just a small project run by a visionary. We're a library, a real, honest to goodness library! We better start acting like it, don't you think? If the Marakesh treaty goes through, then we'll have people from all over the world searching our library for books. Having Science Fiction and Fantasy lumped together is an embarrassment! It's a left-over from ten years ago. Let's fix it, eh?

Ann P.

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