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Hi Jamie and others,

I encountered the same problem today. The site from which Bookshare gets its 
metadata, Bowker, seems to be down. That's interfering with the submission 
process.  You can successfully upload the books if you skip the ISBN page and 
enter the metadata by hand on the next page. Like we used to do in the old 
days. <smile>.  If you don't feel up to writing in all the metadata yourself, 
you can wait and try submitting your books later. Hopefully Bowker will be 
running again soon.


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Is anyone else having trouble submitting a book? I upload the file, put in the 
ISBN and then am taking to a page that just says if appropriate, please submit 
the problem.

Um, ok. I submitted the problem. But I don't know what the problem is. I don't 
know if it is just my book or if it is system wide.

Jamie in Michigan

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