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Hi Rose,

Thanks for the hint. Actually I finally did get it going. I had the same trouble with my bank website so I contacted them and a nice lady took a lot of time with me and we worked the problem out which was kind of involved going deep into the control panel. As an added bonus it cleared up my problem with bookshare also. So now I'm a happy camper again.

At 09:35 AM 9/10/2005, you wrote:
Did you try using the forward delete and backspace keys when you get to
your password to clear out anything then starting fresh?  This is what
worked for me with a similar problem last year.

Rose Combs rosecombs@xxxxxxxxx

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Hi gang,

I haven't been able to get into the bookshare site for a couple weeks
now.  The reason is that I get the message that I am using the wrong
password.  Peter Shelley and others  have been having me try various
things, none of which solves the problem.  In fact Peter said he
could log in with my password from his computer so it must be with my
computer here.  I forgot how to get in  touch with Peter, is it just
support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?   It seems like I should start all over and
reregister again but Peter advised against that.   Any ideas?

Bud Schwab W 6 Z Y P Malibu, California

Bud Schwab
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Malibu, California

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