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Hi Prat,

Well, I sent a BRF book to Rui at the end of 2004 telling him what it was.
Instead of having it rescanned it is back on Step 1.  <smile>

Sue S.

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There are too many problems with back translation software to utilize them
effectively.  Even if Bookshare has the software, they've chosen  not to use


Pratik Patel
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Queens College
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Hi Sue,

I don't know if Bookshare has a back translator, I'll have to defer to
higher authority, Gustavo, Peter, Marissa, etc.
As to whether it is worth it or not, I guess that is an opinion call.  I
guess for those that are already in the library, I'd have to say yes in
support of the braille aficionados.  For those books that aren't already in
the collection however, I would have to question the wisdom of submitting
it in brf only.


At 05:50 PM 2/19/2005, you wrote:

>Hi Dave,
>Does Bookshare have a tool to translate a BRF file into the other formats?
>I mean, if there is no Daisy already in the library??  I can fix a BRF with
>the type keys for validation, but is it worth it just for a BRF?  That's
>what I'm asking.  If that makes sense.  <smile>
>Sue S.
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>Hi Sue,
>I'm not sure what you're asking, but brf files get validated and
>resubmitted as brf.
>It's okay to accept a duplicate title if the only copy already on Bookshare
>is created by Bookshare's braille translation software, in other words, it
>appears on the same download page as a daisy link, but if there is only a
>brf copy in the library, than the new one should be better.  Unfortunately,
>when submitted as brf, the only download available once it hits the library
>is brf, no daisy gets created from the brf.
>At 12:23 PM 2/19/2005, you wrote:
> >Did we ever get a ruling on what to do with brf files?  There are some on
> >Step 1.  We talked about it but I sent one to Rui and it is back on the
> >download page.
> >
> >Sue S.

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