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Thank you very much Jill and Shelly.

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> It was suggested that I answer this question on the list so anyone
interested would know how to respond. The web site that I referred to
previously www.brailleauthority.org contains a wealth of information
including contact information for the chairman, Kim Charlson, and also the
heads of committees. From this site you can download samples of the proposed
changes; hard copy samples were also made available at the end of which was
a survey. I didn't happen to see a reference to where these hard copy
samples could be obtained but it may be there. However, I'm sure Kim
Charlson will tell you if you ask her. If I remember correctly  the samples
were produced by the National Braille Press; this was at least two years
ago. If and when I can find out where hard copy samples can be obtained I
will post it on the list. For anyone wanting to become a member of the
Braille Revival League (BRL), you become a member of the American Council of
the Blind and then join this special interest
>  group; I
> ues are currently $12. If you are not a member of a national organization
but want to make your voice heard, I urge you to become acquainted with the
BANA web site. It is a very easy one to navigate. I hope these answers have
been helpful and would be happy to answer any other questions. Jill

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