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    I wonder how many people, outside of those in professional
organizations, knew about the survey. I certainly would have responded, had
I known. How does one join the Braille Revival League?


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> You need to be a member of the Braille Revival League to receive the
> magazine. However,  much of the material contained in Kim's article is
> on their web site that I mentioned previously. For those of us who really
> care about braille, we need to be especially vigilant and knowledgeable
> let our voices be heard where they may do some good, not just complain to
> each other on lists. Materials in braille have been circulated in the past
> for anyone interested explaining the changes if adopted and also how they
> would affect math and chemistry notation. A surprisingly small number of
> people took advantage of this opportunity or responded to the survey, so
> it weren't for the opposition of the national organizations, I'm sure UEBC
> would probably be adopted by now in the U.S. as well.

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