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What is the cost for the magazine and how do we find out about receiving it?


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.Just yesterday I received the magazine "braille memorandum" which is the
.publication of the Braille Revival League, ACB's special interest group. Kim
.Charlson who is the present BANA chairman had quite a lengthy article
.concerning their meeting and in it states that the U.S. is taking no
.position at this time. Similar information is also available on their web
.site which is www.brailleauthority.org. Other countries are free to use the
.revised UEBC but the U.S. will do nothing at the present time. You will
.notice that the article you posted doesn't say that the U.S. has adopted the
.code and will be using it at this time.
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.> BANA adopted the New Braille Code about four months ago.
.> So it is live and active.  Actually both organizations did not oppose it.
.> smile, only one did, the ACB and the NFB decided to not get involved,
.> if they had did a public statement which of course would have meant they
.> agreed with the ACB, then the BANA would have not adopted it.  But...
.> under the bridge.  I guess it is an indicator of universal cooperation.
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