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What a big waist of valuable shelving real-estate, not to mention waisted
time in dragging our fingers over more area than necessary to read those
words.  It's a big enough problem for braille readers that whole phrases
can't be read at once as suggested to increase reading speed for the
sighted.  Now they want to occupy our fingers with trivial words instead of
the big ones that it takes several finger tips to span.
But that's just my opinion.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
curious entity at earthlink dot net

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> I completed my braille course for my graduate classes last year and there
> was no mention of any such changes.  I know the unified Braille Code was
> passed, but whether or not BANA has adopted it, I'm not sure.
> Sharon
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> >
> >I had not heard that "to" and "by" were now being separated and hope it
> >isn't true. In the book I am validating, most of the time these words are
> >contracted and adjoin the following word. The reason I asked the question
> >is that I have no idea how I could correct this. Does this have to do
> >the Duxbury translation, and if so, I wonder why it isn't always done.
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> >
> >   Hi,
> >
> >   The new braille code separates "by" from all other words, also "to" is
> >separated.  Since they are also separated in print, I don't think you
> >should correct that.  On my braille display, which is translating print
> >text into grade two contracted braille, "to" and "by" are always
> >from the following word.  Did I understand your question right?
> >
> >   - Jackie McCraw
> >
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> >
> >
> >     I am validating a book in text format on the BrailleNote but reading
> >in grade 2. What should I do when I see such words as "by" or "to" not
> >attached to the following word? If I can't do anything to correct that
> >won't it also show up in the final version (something I have seen quite
> >often). Suggestions anyone?

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