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In the event where you find contraction errors in braille while validating a
selection, you should try to ensure that you correct the error to the best
of your ability.  Once you've validated, the book is submitted for a final
process.  However the book goes through another conversion when the
administrator approves for the final time.  These issues may not be
significant.  We can certainly use some guidance from Jesse or Gustavo

Pratik Patel
Managing Director
CUNYAssistive Technology Services
The City University of New York



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I am validating a book in text format on the BrailleNote but reading in
grade 2. What should I do when I see such words as "by" or "to" not attached
to the following word? If I can't do anything to correct that now, won't it
also show up in the final version (something I have seen quite often).
Suggestions anyone? 

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