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Oh, I bet Marissa could have told us about some doozies if she were still
around.  Maybe Janice will tell on him some time.  <Smile>

According to the Volunteer page, Susie went with Gustavo to ACB, maybe she
will have something to tell on him when they get back from Vegas.  <Grin>

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Gustavo, Bookshare god, makes mistakes???  Naw, that can't be right!  <grin>

At 01:38 PM 7/6/05 -0500, you wrote:
>I don't know what happened with your book The Wild Bill Nightmare, but
>sometimes, like with Boot Camp for Christians, the copyright holder is not
>the author, and I think Gustavo just wants to have some confidence that the
>holder is correct before approving the book.
>In the future, if you've gone to the trouble of verifying the copyright,
>then be sure to mention that in the comments along with what you did to
>verify that copyright.  That way Gustavo has some confidence in the
>copyright holder and is less likely to kick it back.
>I won't say he won't kick it back even if you include that information in
>the comments, because Gustavo kicked back one of mine with that information
>by mistake once because he was staying up late to approve books and was
>tired.  When I inquired about the problem because there were no comments at
>all as to why he kicked it back, he told me not to worry and to just
>reupload it for him so he could reprocess it.  Remember, we all make
>mistakes now and then.  <Smile>
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>Jake and Mike,
>All I meant was, if the book says, plain as day, copyright so-and-so, why
>isn't that good enough?
>Reference the Wild Bill nightmare, where the book says the copyright date
>and holder, copyright.gov agrees, and it still gets kicked back.
>I guess I do want to know what Gustavo is thinking, because there is
>something here I'm not getting.  But I still have no desire to become a
>copyright lawyer.  I just want some simple, easy-to-follow, guideline.  I
>miss Jesse; he was good at those.
>At 08:40 AM 7/6/05 -0500, you wrote:
>>Hey Tracy,
>>    Gustavo has kicked the book back to the validation page with requests
>>for verification of copyright four times now. This does seem to suggest
>>the information needs to be verifiable somewhere else.
>>    For instance, I actually validated something (surprise!) a while back
>>and had it sent back to the validation page for copyright verification. I
>>was unable to find the information on the Library of Congress website, but
>>did find a sample chapter of the book on the publisher's website. That
>>also had the same copyright information as the book and so I reuploaded
>>book referencing the site and Gustavo approved it.
>>    On the other hand, I validated a book a while back and Gustavo sent
>>one back too (notice a pattern, I must be jinxed), but I never did find
>>necessary info and so I allowed the book to make it's way back to step
>>Quite a shame too, the scan was excellent, but I had read it and made a
>>    Since we generally scan books and we know the problems OCR can have,
>>might be a BookShare policy to have a second place to make sure copyright
>>info is correct. I for one am glad that BookShare is actively attempting
>>make sure it follows the law...after all we all want it to stick around
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>>> Mike,
>>> I don't think we have to worry so much about what the copyright office
>>> or doesn't have, so long as there is a copyright name and date in the
>>> We aren't lawyers, just volunteers.  If the book says so-and-so has the
>>> copyright, that should be good enough.  I don't want to know the
>>> of copyright law! :.)
>>> Tracy
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