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  • Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 15:34:14 -0700

Hi, Sue. If you won't be using a mic, I don't think you'll need to worry 
about the line input, volume, muted mic or anything like that. *smile* All 
of those have to do with the sound. Take care.
Julie Morales
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What you said helped me as well.  I would have to use text, so though I saw
the notice I thought I would not be able to participate.  Now if someone
will please tell us about this line inpput I would be very grateful.  Then
perhaps I can participate in the next session.


Sue S.

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    I just want to pass this along, in case anyone runs into a similar
problem. When I logged on for the chat last night, my microphone wouldn't
work. I was able to participate, however, using the Text feature.

    My husband later discovered a setting that toggles between Line Input
and Mike. For some reason, ours was set to Line Input, which kept the mike
from working properly. You also have to make sure the setting to mute the
mike isn't turned on. My husband is sighted, so I'm not clear on how to do
all this with a screen reader. Perhaps someone else on the list can better
explain how to check these settings, if anyone else has the same problem I


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