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Hi Cindy,

It was me who scanned it, and I've been meaning to get back to this book
and clean it up -- I don't remember 15 pages missing, though -- zoinks! What
a bummer.

I loved this book, too, so I will give it some attention in the very near

Another bookshare volume you might like is, The Sex Lives of Cannibals,
about a couple who move to Tarawa (Kiribas) in the Pacific, with similar
eye-openning results.

Another book I have that I plan to submit is "The Edge of Paradise" about a
a guy who servedin the Peace Corp in Micronesia, and then went back to work
there for many years.  It's a fabulous book.

In my day job I work with the Pacific island territories all the time, and
I've traveled to many of these locations.  It's fascinating and sad, as you

Brian Miller
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> More than a travel memoir, Transit of Venus is an
> interesting and readable history of the South Seas
> nations, written with humor.
>    Toward the end of the book, the author visits the
> Marshall Islands and Bikini atoll and describes the
> messy and unsanitary conditions the natives live
> under, having been moved from their homes by the
> American military. Of course, the book was written in
> 1992. Hopefully our government has improved the living
> conditions since then.
> After reading this book, I've lost all desire ever to
> go to the South Pacific. New Caledonia, Fiji,Vanuau,
> etc. don't sound the least bit beautiful or romantic,
> although when you see the tourist-beckoning sites
> online the beaches, etc. look beautiful. Maybe the
> islands' towns and beaches have been cleaned up and
> there are more things to do than the author found.
> If you're anything like me, your vocabulary will
> increase by reading this book. There were a lot of
> words I didn't know, some deriving from a history I
> didn't know enough about, some being English or
> Australian words.  Fortunately, it's quick and easy to
> look them up in google while reading the book. smile I
> love volunteering for bookshare--I have learned so
> much from different books, and about the existence and
> genre and quality of different authors, and about the
> various capabilities of Word.--and I thought I was
> well-educated before. smile
> This was a good scan except for the end-of-line breaks
> (and missing 15 pages in the middle, by which time it
> was too late to reject. smile)  I don't know who
> scanned it and I don't know if anything can be done
> about that except to pre-validate and get rid of them.
> I know my scans used to have the same thing, but I
> always pre-validated before submitting.  I think it
> may be the OCR. Now, because I have Fine Reader 5, I'm
> not getting those end-of-line breaks.
> Cindy
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