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Have your friend contact me off list at
& we'll see what's up.

BTW, in case you're wondering, I also made the same assumption as
Scott.  Is Llana deaf-blind also?

On 10/31/07, siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Are you on the bookshare-discuss list?  If so, could you give Lana some
> help?  Her request for help has not been addressed very well.  I was not
> writing on my own behallf, and probably should not have sent the message to
> this list.  But if you are on the bookshare-discuss list, coulld you help
> Lana get to the point where she can enter the chat room?
> You made the assumption, wrongly, that I was writing for myself.  So am I
> the only one who paiints things with a broad brush?
> Sue S.
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> Hey Sue or anybody who would like to enter the chat room,
> I'm currently in the chat room if you'd like to try and make your way in
> there. And by the way Sue, the room also supports text chat if you cannot
> access the voice option. Go to this link:
> If you've already downloaded and installed the chat software, do the
> following:
> 1. Assuming you are using a screen reader, go to the bottom of the page,
> normally control+end will accomplish this.
> 2. Either arrow up to, or shift tab to, a link entitled, click here to enter
> the room.
> 3. Press enter on this link.
> 4. You should be asked to enter a name and password, but all you need do is
> type your name. Again, if using a screen reader, no need to deal with browse
> mode or forms mode, just begin typing your name, don't tab to the password
> field, and press enter. So again, after entering on the click here to enter
> the room link, type your name and press enter.
> 5. At that point, your entrance to the room will be announced to anybody in
> the room, and if you get that far, the folks in the room can assist you.
> The steps I've outlined have made some assumptions, but the reason for this
> is that it is difficult to give direction without knowing specific details
> of the problem at hand. If my instruction hasn't aided you, feel free to
> write back to the list for further or more specific details. I, along with
> the vast majority of the folks who are currently participating in the
> Friends of Bookshare chat room, will be more than happy to assist you to the
> best of our abilities.
> Finally, Sue, I understand the frustration, yet it is somewhat disappointing
> to see the rather confrontational tone of your message. There is a history,
> brief though it may be, which illustrates a very friendly and supportive
> environment in the chat room. When people get frustrated, and it happens
> often, there are always a number of people there to give suggestions, offer
> support, etc. Of the people who have begun book clubs, and I count myself
> among them, I can say with certainty that the support offered from this
> group of individuals is phenomenal. If there is a frustration with an
> individual who runs a book club, perhaps that person could be contacted off
> list to work out your differences? Sadly, you decided to paint this group
> with a rather broad brush.
> Scott

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