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Do you have access to the catalog on the Internet? If
so, there's usually a way to request books. Or you can
call your librarian and ask her to request a book for
you. They come from another branch, or your own branch
might have it and the librarian will tell you. It will
be held at the desk for you and you'll be notified
when it's available. Some library systems charge,
others do not. Ours does not charge for books within
the system, i.e., the city library system, but will
charge for books that come from elsewhere, like the
county system.



--- maithe007 <maithe007@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Amber,
> How do you order from your local library?  I can
> order books on tape, but I never heard of ordering
> print books.  How do I go about that?  
> Hugs,
> Maithe
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> Banned Books Week
>   Carrie:
>   I have just ordered The Autobiography of Jane
> Pittman from my local library.  Do you want me to
> cancel it?  
>   Amber
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