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Who wrote Transit?

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  AI again ask folks to reject books which fall outside a reasonable 
  standard.  We all know those books which are downloaded, looked at by a 
  volunteer and kindly kicked back to step 1 so yet another volunteer can 
  check them out, find them riddled with errors, feel kindly toward the 
  submitter and yes again release the book to the download page.

  For instnace, the following books are at present not fit, (in my oppinion) 
  to go into the new books list.  Either they need extensive extensive 
  correcting or need to be re-scanned.

  the dead suffer too

  the one minute millionaire (formatting issues here which will be tricky to 

  the doomsday marshal and the hanging judge

  those books on artificial insemination and abortion

  the transit of Venuses whereever it is

  and who knows how many Harlequin romances.

  Either these books should be fixed which is going to take a lot of time or 
  rejected.  Otherwise, large lists simply result.

  We keep coming back here.


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