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Given my last note about having a lot of books out I figure it might be useful to put in a bit of an explanation.

The World or Samuel Adams has some text missing. Cindy and I are working on it.

Rose Daughter has some text missing.  Cindy and I are working on it.

The Home Office Answer book has a lot of messy characters I have to correct by hand by reading the whole book. The book is over five hundred pages of questions and answers.
Jane has been re-submitted.  Perhaps I will get to do it again.

The Writer's Way has end of line feeds in lots of unnecessary places. I have to use the template on Jake's site to remove them.

Same end of line characters in The Private Passions of Bonnie Prince Charlie.
Same extraneous end of lines in Kabbalah: The Mystic Quest In Judaism

Muhammed gott erased by my braillenote so I had to start over.

Martin Luther: Theology and Revolution
has dates which appear as things like iy2i which is really 1521 but the only way to know that is to check each date on the internet or understand it be reading the book and getting context. The book is about five hundred pages long. It anyone truly needs this book in a hurry do please please let me know and I will release it to you and you can have the pleasure of fixing up the dates.

So, needless to say, I am busy. I know this list does not add up to 30 books but perhaps you get the idea. Perhaps somebody else can deal with the colon or whatever else is going on with Falcanelli. I have had enough.


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