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Thanks so much tight hugs

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  Hi Gwen,

  No worries!  You did a fine thing by rescanning.  We were just all too lazy 
to help you out by cleaning out the bad copies.  Please don't beat yourself up. 
 You did a good thing, fixing poor scans, at least I think you did.


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  I know that is my fault because I've had to do a lot of  do overs I should 
have waited until they were rejected and then did them over but I thought I was 
helping by putting hopefully a better copy up but  perhaps I was not until I 
find out what has happened to a book I shouldn't do this but I had found out 
some settings were wrong so attempted to correct that by making another  copy  
I'll stop that unless I'm told to do it over I thought I was making easier 
scans better scans but it confused everything sorry.

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    Hi all,

    I've noticed that there may be duplicates on the check out list. There are 
several instances where a book has been placed there and then closer to the top 
of the list you'll see a disclamour like better copy or attention, and then the 
title of the book. My concern is that either one might be checked out and then 
another volunteer may pick up the same bok not realizing another copy has 
already been checked out. Are we suppose to take care of house cleaning like 
this, or do we leave them alone? And if we are to take care of this, do we just 
reject the copy that does not say it is a better copy, etc?


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