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Hi Lori,
Yes, it would be helpful if someone would get rid of the not better copies
of these books by rejecting them.  Simply put into the notes section of the
rejection form that a better copy has been submitted.  I have been meaning
to do this and just haven't gotten around to it.  I'm sure that the
submitter would have done it if it were possible, and would appreciate
someone doing it, but a submitter can't reject his/her own books.
Hope that helps.


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Hi all,
I've noticed that there may be duplicates on the check out list. There are
several instances where a book has been placed there and then closer to the
top of the list you'll see a disclamour like better copy or attention, and
then the title of the book. My concern is that either one might be checked
out and then another volunteer may pick up the same bok not realizing
another copy has already been checked out. Are we suppose to take care of
house cleaning like this, or do we leave them alone? And if we are to take
care of this, do we just reject the copy that does not say it is a better
copy, etc?

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