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Do you want fiction or nonfiction, and for what age group? There is a wonderful 
series for youngsters byNoel Streatfeild --part of what's called the Shoe 
series. I think a lot of them are in the collection.
To see what's in the collection you should use Advanced search and try putting 
the word gymnastics or ballet or figure skating in the title space. I found a 
lot of books with those words in the title, some fiction and some nonfiction. 
You cannarrow your search but checking nonfiction in the  filter by category 

If you do want to scan something, I suggest you check amazon.com or B&N or 
google for books on those subjects and then  check by doing an advanced search  
by title on the bookshare to see whether or not the book is already in the 

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>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] books on gymnastics
>Hi, I'm still trying to get used to the bookshare volunteering
>process. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good books about
>gymnastics that are on bookshare or that are not on. I would like to
>scan some for bookshare if there aren't any. Also, if you know good
>books about dancing or figure skating can you please recommend them so
>I can scan them if they are not on bookshare. Sorry for the
>du ut de
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