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Dear Jill,

We have similar interests in books. I just read the fair books list and the 
books you chose were two I noted as my own priority picks. I'm definitely not 
asking for them because I'm just now ready to try and upload my first 
validation and have already chosen my second book to work on. So as not to tie 
up titles for a long time, I am working on one book at a time. I just wanted to 
tell you my ears perked up when I read your post. I'll be happy to read these 
books when you've finished tidying them up. 

Just a side note, the author of Empire Falls studied at Warren Wilson College 
near Asheville North Carolina. Their summer writer's workshop, which has been 
attended by several prize winning authors, runs concurrently with their only 
other summer program where I've studied harp during the annual Celtic music 
week. I first read about Empire Falls in Book World, the Washington Post Book 
Review insert. Next the author came to my attention as he was proudly featured 
in the college newsletter. There's no end to my fascination with books, authors 
and writing. 

Best of luck with your upgrades and know you can count on me to be an 
appreciative reader of your work.

And, of course, my thanks to anyone else who was involved in the processing of 
these books.

Always With Love,

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  I am going to be rescanning two books on the Fair list so would appreciate it 
if no one else scans them. They are Empire Falls by Richard Russo and Echoes by 
Maeve Binchy. Thank you. 

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