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I agree with Jake.  Several months is way too long to be hanging on to a
book to decide whether or not to reject it or get around to fixing it.  A
book might be in the collection now if it was rejected and the submitter
cared enough about the book to rescan it once they got their rejection

Before you try to make an argument that the submitter would probably not
rescan the book, I do remember someone other than the submitter saying once
that they had Tammy Tell Me True and would rescan it as soon as they could
get a chance.  Of course, they haven't had that chance because you've been
sitting on the book for 7 and a half months.  I wonder how many of the other
books you have checked out might also have been in the collection if you
weren't keeping others from validating them or rescanning them because they
can see that they are out for validation.

I also think that if the books you are fixing up are taking so long that you
can't get around to fixing 15 of them in the first 6 months that you have
had them checked out, then the books you've been working on should have been
rejected because they are taking way too long to fix up.  Either that, or
you're guilty of the same thing that you want Gustavo to change, not
processing the books in a first in first out order.

Please go through your books and either reject or release all but the
handful which you are most interested in validating.  Yes, I know you just
offered to release any books that someone asks you to release, but you're
forgetting that most volunteers don't subscribe to the list, so they would
not be aware of the situation or your offer, and they should have a chance
to work on the books, too.

As Jake said, you do a lot for the volunteers, and I don't know what we
would do without you, but you can't save every poor submission.


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Oh, dear.  Yes, the date got away from me and the
books were released--and you have eyes that are too

In my defense--the books I have are books that people
were going to reject or books that need sight. Or
books that were sitting on the download list for a
very long time and rather than have them deleted I
thought I'd look at them. I haven't been downloading
books since except one that is very worthwhile but was
in such bad shape that it was going to be
rejected--and I'd spent quite a bit of time paginating
for the submitter.

Some of the books may not be worthwhile saving--If
Tammy is a mess I don't think it will be worthwhile
for me to fix. Since I'm not fond of westerns, that
may be the case of one or two others--and I will

I have taken two books of Amber's that no one wanted
and that sound like they woule be good books for the
collection. The one I'm working on now, and perhaps I
should have done others that I've kept longer first,
is over 900 pages missing a lot of words but I
seriously doubt anyone would re-scan it and even if
they did if it wold come out any better because of its
size and the way it's bound. I do hope people will
read it when it gets into the collection because it is
marvelous in its history and very readable.

My theory at the time was that rather than having the
books sit on the download list or be deleted because
no one was taking them, I would and that would keep
the list small. I would love to know how many of the
books on your or what used to be Rui's rescan list
have been rescanned. But after a book is rescanned it
then has to be revaldiated.  I did some time ago
release some books that someone rescanned but the
scan, except for one, came out badly because of the
print and I had to validate it anyone.

BTW, After finishing the book I'm working on, Memoirs
of Cleopatra, which I highly recommend, I plan to
finish Transit of Venus, which I now own, and then
will try Prince of Sinners. I do not have that book
and so if the scan is pretty bad I'll release it, but
all of Oppenheimer's,it seems, are on PG, and perhaps
we can get them from there. They are rare classics.

Most of the books I have are txt without page breaks,
and yes, some are classics and some seem to be
important. Since you were kind enough to post the
list, if anyone wants me to release one of them I'll
be happy to--either for someone else to validate or if
someone promises to rescan. The books I've taken are
books, with the possible exception of Oklahoma
Sweetheart and Tammy Tell Me True, and possibly the
westerns, that I really think should be in the
collection and that people have said, as I said
before, need sighted help.
I know a lot of members really enjoy westerns, which
is why I took them to salvage--they may not even be
that bad--maybe they just need pagination. I haven't
yet had a chance to look. 


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