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  • From: Robin Mandell <robinmandell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 22:26:55 -0400

Hi All,

If anyone is interested in scanning some rather hard-boiled crime fiction, I have a request for a series I enjoy.

The author is Andrew Vachss, and the series is known as the Burke series, named for the main-character, Burke, an ex-con (still criminal) private eye who operates in the underworld of New York City. Burke is not a man of much compunction, but he loathes those who would prey on children...

Currently, only one Burke book is up on bookshare.org, with the title of Only Child.

The Rest of the books are (starting from the beginning of the series:

Blue Belle
Hard Candy
Down In The Zero
Footsteps of the Hawk
False Allegations
Safe House

Choice of Evil
Dead and Gone
Pain Management
Only Child (already in the collection)
Down Here

Warning: These books dont stint on the violence or the darkness of life. They are not masterpieces, but very powerful in their way, as well as just being an enthralling read.

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