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Dear Shelley,

No matter what the challenges are in finding good books for teaching English as 
a second language, I know you'll overcome them. I used to teach that after 
school and in the summers and just wanted to mention that many of these 
textbooks rely heavily on illustrations. That's not to say you won't find some 
you can use, but to suggest you check the books out if you can for scannability 
and to see if they contain enough text for you to go on. 

I can't recall which books I used, but remember going through several before I 
chose a series because even then many of the pictures resembled pale clouds of 
random lines and squiggles and I felt at a disadvantage using them.  When I 
retired on disability I donated mine to an organization in Akron which teaches 
English to children and adults for free. 

Good luck. I know you'll find what you need eventually. 

Always with love,

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  Hi, Kellie. I don't know if this would help you or not. I thought I'd mention 
it in case it does. The Hadley school has courses on English as a second 
language. Since their material is accessible, it might help you with preparing 
lessons for your student. My library doesn't have the book you're looking for. 
I wonder if a university system would have it. Have you found any information 
online for teaching people?

  Monica Willyard

  Kellie Hartmann wrote: 
    Can anyone get "How to Teach English" which was published in 1997? I can't 
get it unless I spend $35 or more. I don't know who wrote this book, sorry for 
the incomplete info. Anything about teaching ESL or EFL (English as a foreign 
language) would be extremely welcome.

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