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  • Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 16:43:48 -0800 (PST)

I sympathize with you and your frustration, Kelly, but I think if publishers 
and/or authors get inundated with requests by individuals they might get 
annoyed and uncooperative. I had a positive response (personal letter) from an 
author whom Robin contacted on my  behalf about donating her work to bookshare  
and she has been very successful in getting publishers to send bookshare their 
books in a format bookshare can use.  I just numbered the publishers on my list 
of publisher donators and there are 1162 (some probably got numbered twice), so 
that is an approximate  number,
Nichole spoke to the publishers and authors because she and they were at the 
bookshare convention. I think it was very brave of her. If you are able to go 
to the next bookshare convention that would be the time and place to ask to  
introduce yourself and ask to speak to them.In the past there was one March  in 
Los Angeles, near the airport; I do n't know when or where the next one will 
be.  Ask Alisa or Carrie

> From: Kelly Pierce <kkellyp@xxxxxxxxx>
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>Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 2:25 PM
>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: book request
>Learning about the efforts of Nichole Maples motivated me to do better
>and seek greater leverage in my work with Bookshare.  As many know,
>Nichole uses a wheelchair, cannot talk out loud, and has limited use
>of her hands. Despite these and other barriers, her aspiration for an
>accessible world for print-disabled people led her to travel to New
>Orleans from her Mississippi home to ask publishers to partner with
>Bookshare for greater accessibility.  Her leadership and vision led me
>to adopt my publisher/author contact policy. If Nichole and Valerie
>can go to New Orleans to ask publishers and authors, then we certainly
>can write and ask from our keyboards in our own homes.
>To clarify, the initial letter to authors and publishers introduces
>myself as a blind person wanting access to a particular book.  I
>explain how scanning and proofing is time consuming and tedious and
>introduce Bookshare as a solution to the accessibility problem.  I
>also explain how commercial e-books  systems, like the Kindle, offer
>limited to meaningless accessibility. I describe what Bookshare is and
>what it does and provide the e-mail address and telephone number for
>robin.  Any response received is forwarded to robin as well.  As
>Valerie said, robin has experience in the publishing world and can
>answer all the questions regarding copyright and protection of
>intellectual property.  Robin expertly represents Bookshare and its
>impact upon the lives of people with disabilities.
>Yet, while robin can smartly represent Bookshare, she cannot represent
>me. Like Nichole Maples, I am a real live person with a disability who
>faces artificial accessibility barriers that can be solved with a
>signature and a Bookshare partnership. Many businesses report that
>they never hear from people with disabilities about the access
>barriers faced. I and others can certainly speak about our needs and
>what is possible.
>On 1/31/12, Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The publisher is Minotaur books and they are on the list of publishers whose
>> books it's safe to scan and proof. I don't see it on the latest NY Times
>> bestseller list Is bookshare still obtaining and processing  books from that
>> list, including mas market paperbacks? If so and yu want to wait a week or
>> two maybe it will show up
>> Cindy
>>> From: Ann Parsons <akp@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>>>Subject: [bksvol-discuss] book request
>>>Hi Folks, I never pay attention to book requests because I'm a proofer, not
>>> a scanner, but this time, I have a request of my own.  I just got a
>>> notification that Dana Stabenow has written a new novel in which her two
>>> prominent characters are featured.  It's called Restless In The Grave.
>>> It's supposed to be
>>  coming out on February 14th.  Is there any way that Bookshare or one of the
>> volunteers could get a hold of it and scan it?  I will proof, gladdly, if
>> somebody will scan.  I really don't want to buy the Kindle edition because I
>> don't have the Kindle stuff on my new 'puter, and I hate the voice they
>> use.  Not only that, you can't read the dumb books except on your computer.
>> I'd really really love Bookshare to do this book!  I don't suppose its
>> publisher is one we have in our list of donors?   Don't know
>>  who publishes Stabenow books, but I could find out if necessary.
>>>Would somebody please forward this to the right place.  Thanks.
>>>Ann P.
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