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Hi, Kelly!

Just to clarify; Nichole wanted to use her graduation money to go to ALA to 
an Ohio Librarian friend who arranged an invite to the Schneider Family award 
luncheon, celebrating children's authors who write for or about kids with 
disabilities.  Said librarian friend, a past chair of the Schneider Family 
award committee also wangled a floor pass for Nichole and I.  When we realized 
the potential, we emailed Scott, who after discussing it with Robin Seaman, 
Publisher Liaison, told us to collect cards and simply make an introduction. 
 Some people were more comfortable donating books (giveaways at ALA are of epic 
proportions) that we could scan as volunteers, and so we accepted donations we 
would add personally.  We also thanked the publishers already in partnership 
with Bookshare and showed them how their books made a difference.

A cool side note on this. Nichole met an author, Myron Uhlberg, who was 
instantly attracted to Nichole.  We were buying a copy of his most recent book, 
"A Hurricane Named Katrina" as well as one of his older titles that Nichole 
wanted for a friend.  When we got to Myron for an autograph, 
he spoke to Nichole and told her he wanted her feedback.  She asked to have a 
picture made with him  and he was tickled.  When I asked if he wanted a copy, 
gave us his email and that night when we sent it, he emailed back immediately 
with his personal contact information.  He keeps in contact with Nichole, even 
called her on Christmas Day (best Christmas present ever!), and hopes to write 
children's book with her one day.  We are so excited that he and so many others 
saw Nichole's passion for accessible reading.

Keep up with Nichole's recovery:

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> Learning about the efforts of Nichole Maples motivated me to do better
> and  seek greater leverage in my work with Bookshare.  As many know,
> Nichole  uses a wheelchair, cannot talk out loud, and has limited use
> of her hands.  Despite these and other barriers, her aspiration for an
> accessible world for  print-disabled people led her to travel to New
> Orleans from her Mississippi  home to ask publishers to partner with
> Bookshare for greater  accessibility.  Her leadership and vision led me
> to adopt my  publisher/author contact policy. If Nichole and Valerie
> can go to New Orleans  to ask publishers and authors, then we certainly
> can write and ask from our  keyboards in our own homes.
> To clarify, the initial letter to authors and  publishers introduces
> myself as a blind person wanting access to a particular  book.  I
> explain how scanning and proofing is time consuming and tedious  and
> introduce Bookshare as a solution to the accessibility problem.   I
> also explain how commercial e-books  systems, like the Kindle,  offer
> limited to meaningless accessibility. I describe what Bookshare is  and
> what it does and provide the e-mail address and telephone number  for
> robin.  Any response received is forwarded to robin as well.   As
> Valerie said, robin has experience in the publishing world and  can
> answer all the questions regarding copyright and protection  of
> intellectual property.  Robin expertly represents Bookshare and  its
> impact upon the lives of people with disabilities.
> Yet, while  robin can smartly represent Bookshare, she cannot represent
> me. Like Nichole  Maples, I am a real live person with a disability who
> faces artificial  accessibility barriers that can be solved with a
> signature and a Bookshare  partnership. Many businesses report that
> they never hear from people with  disabilities about the access
> barriers faced. I and others can certainly  speak about our needs and
> what is  possible.
> Kelly
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