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Am I remembering wrong? I seem to recall that when this change of responsibility for the wish list and the books being scanned list was first announced it was stated that both lists would be sent to this discussion group twice weekly. So far I have only seen the wish list posted once, a week ago.

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Scott thank you for the reminder, I hate to admit it, but I didn't see that note in the past and will add tose emails to my emailings from now on.

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 Lissi and Jamie,

I was offlist Sunday so am just seeing your note. Yes, it is definitely helpful to post Wish List and Books being Scanned here. As long as the poster doesn't make the mistake of thinking that it will get onto either list without also being sent to one of these two addresses posting here can be helpful:



 Scott Rains

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 Dear Booksharian Friends,

Jamie, I second your opinion that this list is a perfect place to post book wishes. Of course they belong on the wish list, but posting wishes here as well alerts volunteers who might share a wisher's interests and result in a wish being fulfilled sooner. It's like putting up a sign if you've lost a pet, something that hasn't happened to me. The more places you put up your signs, the better your chances of the right person seeing one of them and reuniting you with your lost best friend.

Seeing what books are requested helps give me a sense of what some Booksharians want to read and adds to my sense of community with fellow subscribers and book lovers.

 Always with love,


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But isn't it also timely and appropriate to post a book request on this list? Volunteers who scan are reading this list every day. The wishlist is so long that not everyone even looks at the wishlist.

-- Jamie in Michigan

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