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  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 03:30:51 -0500


I don?t know how to do those plastic covers the libraries are using now, but, 
depending the size of the 
city you?re in (I forget where you are now) there might be a book preservation 
place that could fix the 
cover for you. If not in your city, you might want to wait until you go to your 
next one.

As to putting in the pages ? what we used to call "tipping"? when I was in 
library school and then worked 
in a library, it?s difficult ifyou?re dealing with only one page, especially a 
paperback page, but if you have 
several together, you can very carefully but the glue on the page edge that 
goes into the binding; then, 
with the book open to the right place, set the pages with the glued edge into 
the binding, close the book, 
hold it together (with rubber bands, maybe, if it?s a paperback, or with other 
books on top of it) carefully 
and for a day or more until the glue dries. I can?t remember, however, if there 
is a special glue ? I don?t 
think so, but you might ask your librarian.


P.S. If you let me know the title of the book you're trying to find out about, 
I'll do some research and see if 
I can find when it was published in paperback. I've gotten information like 
that from Amazonand also 
from the Library of Congress online catalog. Also, from puttng the title into 
google and getting info from 
some used book stores.

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