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What a fine detailed message.
Thanks Rick.

These books sound really good.

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Hi there,

I have just submitted the following book, and it can be removed from the
"Books Being Scanned" list.
I heard the author on Bob Edwards and bought it for my teenage
granddaughter. Wow, what a read!
It was a nice departure from my usual fare. And I'm hoping she and her mom
will like the book, too.

Rik James

This book was just submitted and ready for proofreading...

TITLE:   Shelf Discovery
AUTHOR:   Lizzie Skurnick
ISBN #:   978-0-06-175635-1
GENRE:  1. Young adult fiction, American- History  and criticism. 2.
Teenage girls - Books  and  reading - United  States. 3. Heroines in
literature. 4. Girls in literature. 5.   Characters and characteristics in
How Many Pages: 448 pages (but actually is only numbered up to page 425)

A collection of essays about re-reading favorite young adult books. The book grew out of the author's "Fine Lines" column on Jezebel.com and a life-long passion for young adult literature. It is divided into chapters organized by
subject matter with topics ranging from self-sufficiency to the
supernatural, and includes essays by other popular authors on books that
influenced their adolescent lives.

from the book's back outer cover:

Remember that book you read at that time in your life when everything seemed to be going crazy? The one book that brought the world into focus and helped
soothe your raging teenage angst?

from  Laura Lippmann's Foreword ...

"Some people are baffled by re-reading. What's the point? There's so much
else to read. With these essays, Lizzie Skurnick has answered those
questions. It's as if a kindly psychiatrist suddenly appeared with a sheaf
of missing brain scans. Do you giggle when someone tells you to 'sit here
for the present'? You are channeling RAMONA QUIMBY, who turned those simple
words into a daunting challenge. Does the mere mention of a mink-trimmed
coat make you secretly swoon, even though you are rabidly anti-fur? You have 'A LITTLE PRINCESS' complex. Do you long to cover your enemies with leeches?
You're having a 'LITTLE  HOUSE' flashback So stretch out on Dr. Lizzie's
couch and find out why you think it would be kind of cozy to be locked up in
an attic with your brother. Or learn to dissect the subtle class
consciousness of JUDY BLUME's New Jersey. Ponder the way that LOIS DUNCAN's
characters come into unexpected powers, natural and supernatural alike, as
they enter adolescence."

And most of all, enjoy.

LIZZIE SKURNICK has written on books and culture extensively for the New
York Times Book Review, Times Sunday Styles, the LA Times,   NPR.org, the
Washington Post and many other publications. Her blog, Old Hag, was a Forbes
Best of the Web pick. Look for Shelf Discovery on Facebook.


I used version 11 of my Kurzweil scanning program to scan this book. All the page numbers were checked and placed at the top of each page. 99.46 percent accuracy achieved after using K-1000 ranked spelling and making corrections.
There are numerous usages of words that are for emphasizing speech slang,
etc, plus contemporary types of words that are typically identified in spell
checkers. I went through many many things that did check out to be just as
was on the page, so if the proofreader wants to contact me about some, I can
check it with the kept image version of the book.
Each chapter has within it several essays about books.  In my .kes file I
have made multi-level headings, for myself.  I do not think these headings
are kept when converting the file to Rich Text Format. With any questions,
I may be contacted at this email address:  d28rik@xxxxxxx or
rixmix2009@xxxxxxxxxx I expect the Bookshare scan will say this book has
adult content, as there are some word usage of sexual things.


I have TWO other non-fiction book submissions in the "Books in Processing"
stage, awaiting download for proofreading
They are listed below:

1 -  Younger Next Year    by    Henry S.Lodge  and Chris Crowley
         subbmitted on July 13, 2009

2 - A People's History Of Sports In The United States     by David Zirin
           submitted May 26, 2009

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