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Morning, Sister Dolores,

<smiling with twinkle> Oh, you are so funny! Well, I'm glad! I may proof something else from you then. Hey, I figure I can always use a little spiritual growth, and reading about people who are further along the road than I is a good thing. If Catherine's story is boring, then I'm just as glad to skip it. I found the book about Sister Thea fascinating and I loved the book about Casey. So, there's room for improvement. I am sure that Catherine's life was interesting, it's only the writer's fault that it is dull and boring.

I've been reviewing my braille copy of the Mass, and I'm so very glad to see all that false gender unspecific language, or most of it is gone! Yay, finally people are waking up to common sense! Christianity is a patriarchal religion. God is He. Now, that's not to say that The Real God isn't She or both, I don't know, but let's not confuse the issue. God in The Catholic Church is He. People are humans or mankind or men, in the plural sense of the word. This false changing of words to accommodate women who have a puffed up image of themselves and must force others to accommodate them are rediculous! Oh, don't worry, Sister, I'm no raving conservative. I'm for equal pay and equal rights and all that. I'm even, God forgive me, for informed choice. But I am most definitely against euphamisms. They're stupid!

Sorry, I probably shouldn't admit some of this to you, as it isn't Church policy, but my feeling is that some of these issues are gray, not black-and-white. I know abortion is wrong for me as an individual. However, I wouldn't presume to tell some other woman what to do. I'd make sure she had *all* the information, though, *all* of it, and I'd make sure she understood it and made her decision from a position of knowledge! That's my view. All these people who rant and rave and claim things are black-and-white probably have never experienced anything in their lives remotely like deciding what to do about an unborn child. If they had, they wouldn't be so all-fired rigid!

Sorry, guess I got on a roll. If you've gotten to the end of this, great, if not sorry for all the unwanted chatter. Take care, have a great week.

Ann P.

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